I just have to reply to the disturbing letter written to the Daily Post (August 6) by Viv Radley.

The Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre is astutely named for a man who put Rotorua on the map years ago and never stopped supporting or promoting this great multicultural city until the day he died.

For your information Viv, Sir Howard Morrison, probably more than any other person, contributed to the arts in this city. Born and bred here, he never stopped promoting and performing in Rotorua.

He is a Rotorua icon.


Sir Owen Glenn gave his millions to upgrade the Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre to honour his great friend.
Prudence White

Wow, what a guest speaker!

At Grey Power's Forum this week the guest speaker, Kilian de Lacy, wowed the members. Her CV, pertaining to many elderly services and, as a board member of Grey Power NZ, her enthusiasm was infectious.

Her talk, interspersed with humorous sketches - of the older person, on the over-head projector - sent ripples of laughter around the room.

Her message; to get off our butts and become proactive within the group, instead of always waiting to be entertained, did hit home judging by the questions many members later asked.

Kilian did entertain us but there was a seriousness to make life better. Getting older ain't much fun - especially if health issues creep in. So, for me, it was great to see a lot of happy and smiling faces after the meeting.
Pauleen Wilkinson

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Are we as crazy as the rest of the world with all this so called PC crap? The so-called offensive sign at Hells Gate has been removed. What for? When Billy T James, our most loved Kiwi comic, was on TV not too many years ago, he did skits of Captain Cook and Hone Heke and took the mickey out of Māori and European. Did we think it was offensive? No, it was great humour and I bet that Māori blogger Moata Tamaira used to have a laugh as well.

Howard Morrison and his quartet made a record about Puha and Pākehā and put him in the pot many moons ago and we loved it. Now little ole NZ seems to be so PC... I say come on, get back to the laughter and fun we once had.
Clive Phillips
Selwyn Heights