Eight artists from around the community will be sharing their captivating journeys at Rotorua's upcoming ArtsMAD event.

ArtsMad is a visual presentation evening that takes place four times a year, where people from the wider arts community talk about what they do alongside a rolling show reel of images.

The next ArtsMAD is being held on Tuesday at the Prince's Gate Hotel, with eight speakers including a blogger, carver, photography and more.

Blogger Kylie Lang walked the length of New Zealand following the Te Araroa Trail using the theme 'I'm Not Alone'.


Each day she was joined by someone else to keep her company, share the beauty around them and raise funds for the Mental Health Foundation.

Kylie blogged every day and once finished expanded the blog to create a book about the adventure.

She is excited to share her journey in the upcoming ArtsMAD and says it was great reminiscing while going through all the photos for her presentation.

"I'm looking forward to sharing my adventures in a visual way."

Kylie thinks ArtsMAD is brilliant for showcasing local people and that it is a great way for locals to get together.

Oriwa Morgan-Ward. Photo/Supplied
Oriwa Morgan-Ward. Photo/Supplied

Oriwa Morgan-Ward is a mixed media artist based in Māori traditional concepts and educating by way of conversations and activating curiosity.

She describes her style as abstract and almost surrealistic, and says she looks forward to sharing with the ArtsMad whānau a glimpse into her creative world.

Connie Takarangi. Photo/Supplied
Connie Takarangi. Photo/Supplied

Artist Connie Takarangi says her presentation will be looking at the fact she works with repurposing garments.

She says the event is a great opportunity for her to talk about what she is doing and what she is passionate about, as well as to meet like-minded people.

"It's great that ArtsMAD supports the artists who want to speak by giving them this platform."

Kalena Egan. Photo/Supplied
Kalena Egan. Photo/Supplied

Kalena Egan is a stay-at-home mum of two and the small business owner of Putiputi Recycled, based in Rotorua.

Putiputi Recycled derives from her passion for nature and floristry.

An event stylist, specialising in weddings, Kalena specialises in archways, garlands, table décor and seating, with Papatuanuku (mother nature) being at the forefront of her style and design.

Joe Kemp. Photo/Supplied
Joe Kemp. Photo/Supplied

Joe Kemp has worked full-time as a carver and sculptor at Te Haa, an open-air gallery in the bush alongside his home.

His tribal connections are Ngāi Tahu, Ngāpuhi and Te Arawa (Ngāti Mākino).

He is self-taught and finds it a great privilege to be able to create with these mediums and art forms.

Joe uses wood as his main medium and enjoys the secrets and surprises that native timbers have. He also carves a variety of stone.

Joe's artworks are featured on the Rotorua Public Art Trail and he has been part of Rotorua Sculpture Symposium in 2014 and 2016.

In November he returns as a featured artist at the biennial NZ Sculpture OnShore, New Zealand's largest outdoor sculpture exhibition which is also renowned for contributing all proceeds from each exhibition to Women's Refuge New Zealand.

Hollie Beaumont. Photo/Supplied
Hollie Beaumont. Photo/Supplied

Hollie Beaumont guides people towards subtle sensory experiences through the art of attention and the practice of yoga.

It is the thing that makes her heart sing.

John Miles. Photo/Supplied
John Miles. Photo/Supplied

John Miles is a professional photographer and a licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society.

He's a photographer of life - business life, community life, family life, natural life.

John was born and brought up in the United Kingdom and has loved photography since he was given his first camera at age 10.

After 25 years in IT, he gave up the corporate world and made a major career switch to become a full-time professional photographer.

Last October John and his partner Susan shifted to Rotorua when they bought Portico Picture Framers, Original Gifts and Art Gallery.

Fiona Cameron. Photo/Supplied
Fiona Cameron. Photo/Supplied

Fiona Cameron's role at Rotorua Lakes Council is to bring the voices of Rotorua people into decision making for the arts and culture team.

This includes the likes of finding out how people are using Te Aka Mauri or consulting with the local performing arts community on the proposed changes to the Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre.

The subject of her talk will be a study they are working on with Auckland University of Technology about whether festivals and events lead to improved personal, family and community well-being.

To hear from these eight speakers head to ArtsMAD on Tuesday from 6pm to 7pm.