A children's book about fitness, written by a local personal trainer, warns its readers to use the book with caution as it may cause the likes of tiredness, sore muscles, happiness and a sense of accomplishment.

For Instinctive Fitness personal trainer and author of Safari Fitness Wild New Zealand, Calvin "Mitch" Mitchell, health and fitness has been a massive part of his life.

He says it made him sharper and more decisive while in the army, and made him mentally stronger when in 2011 his oldest daughter was diagnosed with cancer.

Mitch says the children's book is predominately about fitness.


It is written in both English and Māori, and has fit tips throughout the book.

The book's illustrations were done by Jessica Ducre-Hughes, who is also from Rotorua.

Mitch says obesity, mental health and heart disease are all major problems in New Zealand.

"Prevention is better than a cure, so it's great if we can target people at a younger age."

The book has been in the pipeline since 2013 and Mitch still cannot believe it is published.

It has been nominated for Innovation of the Year at the New Zealand Fitness Awards in November.

Mitch says another book is in the works, to be based in Rotorua, and he hopes to have it out by the end of the year.

Mitch says with the likes of the Redwoods, lakes and the Lakefront, Rotorua has plenty of resources to provide health and fitness.


Safari Fitness Wild New Zealand is available from McLeods Booksellers.