A trial on Rotorua's first inner-city parklet has wrapped up and although the owners of Artisan Café would like to see it continue, neighbouring businesses don't want to see it back.

In April 2017, at the request of Artisan Café, Rotorua Lakes Council established a temporary parklet as a way to bring more green space to the inner city.

When the parklet was constructed in November it caused controversy, with councillors, business owners and residents divided over the trial.

Now the trial has finished, the council will undertake consultation with inner city businesses to gauge the success of the parklet and depending on the outcome and level of interest it may consider introducing parklets to other locations.


The parklet, created with a section of artificial turf, recycled café furniture and potted greenery, took up three car parks.

Artisan Café owner Greg Thompson said having the parklet outside his business was a fantastic way to trial the concept and they had seen an increase in foot traffic in the area.

"During the trial, many customers enjoyed the sunshine and Rotorua's urban environment. Feedback has been positive.

"We have seen an increase in the number of patrons from the previous year and we would love to see the concept approved for a permanent deck which would improve the block's appeal."

He said increasing short-term parks for other businesses may alleviate concerns.

Businesses had been notified the trial had been wrapped up with the furniture removed and the vehicle parks reinstated.

Manager at neighbouring business, Goldiluck Bake Shop, Renneth Sok said she was happy to see it gone.

"No one wants it to come back and I will fight to keep it gone.

"Artisan is the only ones who want it, our customers are coming in and out quickly and we need the car parks."


Sok said the café had space inside the shop so the council should "just leave the car parks alone".

Council operations group manager Henry Weston said initially some feedback showed people were unsure about the benefit and practicality of the parklet while others fully supported having extra green space and outdoor café seating in the inner city.

"Since a small number of calls to the council at the start of the trial and some initial social media feedback, we are not aware of any complaints made to the council about the parklet although anecdotal feedback to staff has been mostly positive."