There's too much red tape surrounding the night shelter.

I thought it was good when I heard there would be a night shelter for the homeless but now I hear that people can't sleep there.

Central and local government should be helping out not creating obstacles.

I think their priorities are wrong.


Abby Spurdle

Council watchdog
I was shocked that one man has cost the council so much money over the last couple of years getting information off the Rotorua Lakes Council.

Not about cost but the fact that the council saw fit to add it up. How often have some of these councillors sat and voted on money wasting things and then tried to explain it away?

Mudtopia, loss of carparking, sculptures that cost thousands, parking meters that only have a limited life in an area like Rotorua, housing developments, the move to recycling rubbish. And the huge one - our international airport and the cost of all the upgrades.

Reynold Macpherson may be a pain in the council's bum but someone needs to get in its ear.

Everyone should be accountable when they are spending someone else's money. I don't know Reynold and he may be a pain, but every council needs to have someone watching.

We as ratepayers are not cash cows to fund council dreams. (Abridged)

Ian Mattler

Redwoods kindness
Last Saturday we were going out for an afternoon ride with friends in the Redwoods.

We were all looking forward to a good time but unfortunately one of our friends took a nasty tumble on the first track.

What happened next was, in the circumstances, a wonderful experience in human kindness.

The number of other bikers who stopped and offered help was overwhelming.

They organised the first response and directed other riders on the track.

The first response officer (Nick) did a wonderful job stabilising our friend and organised an ambulance.

The ambulance and all the staff at the hospital were great. This reminded all of us what a fantastic place Rotorua is.

Thank you to all who helped.

Peter Wisse Nijssen
Lake Okareka