The audience of an upcoming musical theatre show will have to buckle in for a rollercoaster of emotions.

The Rotorua Musical Theatre's Dreamgirls will run from July 6 to July 21 at Casa Blanca Theatre.

There are 21 performers in the cast and rehearsals have been running since late April.

Desian Robb, who plays Curtis, says rehearsals have been strenuous and intense but educational.


"I am a singer, but learning the acting aspect of everything has been a slight challenge for me."

He says this is his second musical theatre show, having been in Dancing in the Street at Casa Blanca Theatre in 2013.

Desian says he is feeling anxious about show time starting this weekend.

He is looking forward to applying what he has been rehearsing.

Playing Curtis has also been a challenge because the character is a bit of a mean person, which Desian says is not like his own personality.

"It's been interesting trying to channel my inner bad guy."

He encourages people to check out the show because it features a lot of great talent, all on one stage.

"The talent in this show blows me away. Everyone will be on a roller coaster of emotions.


"It will just be a fantastic show."

Tickets for Dreamgirls are available at