Rotorua people can enjoy the sounds of South Africa and go home with a fire in their hearts at an upcoming show.

Zulu Love is a group of musicians based in Soweto, Johannesburg, and will perform at Rotorua Little Theatre on June 3, 7.30pm to 9pm.

Their African harmonies blend traditional styles such as isicathamiya with upbeat African soul music.

The singers have sung at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics and the FIFA World Cup in South Africa.


They have also starred in global touring productions of major South African musicals such as Stimela the Musical and Spirit and Bones.

The band members come from different musical backgrounds, from gospel to R&B and traditional music styles such as iscathamiya.

In Zulu Love's 2018 show – South African Harmonies - the songs and dance tell of everyday life, love and worship.

The band says that in South Africa music and dance go together - "All in all, music is food for life".

Band member Sizwe Nkosi says this will be Zulu Love's first time performing in Rotorua.

"We are looking forward to meeting the people of Rotorua. We love traveling and love to learn about the different cultures of the people we visit and perform for."

Sizwe says the band members have all known each other for a long time.

Some of grew up together and some have worked together on various projects over the last decade or so, such as the Soccer World Cup and big musicals.

They decided to go out on their own about a year ago when touring as part of the cast of Stimela.

"The energy amongst us is just good. As much as we entertain the audience, what we do entertains us first. We always look forward to rehearsing.

"We are going to give a picture of what South African music is all about. Many different genres are mixed in our show.

"The aim is to make people go back home having this fire in their hearts. Many people feel inspired afterwards and sing to us on their way out."

To book tickets, which cost $30, go to