Rotorua's Delwyn Hughes has retained her place in the Northern Zone Indoor Bowls Masters team for the 69th Summerset National Indoor Bowls Championships in Ashburton next month.

The Owhata Club member will lead in the women's fours.

Hughes, the Patron of New Zealand Indoor Bowls, donated the trophy for the masters event in 2008 when the event was introduced. The Northern Zone has lost the trophy only once, in Timaru in 2009.

Lake Taupo Club's Robin Porter and Matthew Farquhar were named in the North Island academy team.


Porter, who will skip the men's triple, makes his seventh appearance for the academy team.

He was runner-up in the national championship triples in 2015 and was third equal in the pairs in 2012.

Bay of Plenty's Farquhar, the current New Zealand junior singles champion, comes back in from the reserves after competing in 2015 and 2016.

He has had a stellar year in the Bay of Plenty winning four titles as well as being the first junior to win a Bay of Plenty centre gold star.

The North and South Island Indoor Bowls academy teams and Northern and Southern Zone masters teams will compete for the Sam Henderson Memorial Trophy and Delwyn Hughes Trophy respectively at the EA Networks Centre in Ashburton from June 9 to 16.

In the Northern Zone's women's four Roslyn Irwin from Waikato returns from the reserves as the skip with Manawatu's Gloria Hall as the three, while Bronnie Reed from north Taranaki is the two and Hughes the lead.

Reed and Hughes retain their places in the four. They meet Canterbury's Kathleen Curtis, who plays for the eighth time, South Island representatives Kathryn Edgar, Jean Stratford, and Brenda Young.

The South Island will be defending the Sam Henderson Memorial Trophy and the Northern Zone Masters team the Delwyn Hughes Trophy.

The teams
North Island Academy:

Women: Singles: Joy Archer (Waikato)

Pairs: Amber McNally (Waikato), Delwyn Ellis (Counties)

Triples: Jennifer Sackfield (Manawatu), Candace Andrew (Waikato), Georgia Fisher (Auckland)

Fours: Shelley Jacombs (Hutt Valley), Lois Lamont (Poverty Bay), Michelle Watt (North Taranaki), Cindy White (Counties)

Reserve: Nicole Singer (Auckland)

Men: Singles: Joseph Zino (Hutt Valley)

Pairs: Shaun Blackbourn (Waikato), Aidan Zittersteijn (North Taranaki)

Triples: Robin Porter (Bay of Plenty) skip, Cameron McKay (Bush Ruahine), Matthew Farquhar (Bay of Plenty)

Fours: Brandon Fuge (Upper Hutt Valley), Trevor Bourne (Taranaki), Colin Williams (Auckland), Kyle Waldron (North Wellington)

Reserves: Jeff Stuart (North Wellington), Jakeb White (Counties)

Captain: Shaun Blackbourn (Waikato); Manager: David Lynn (Poverty Bay-East Coast).

South Island Academy:

Women: Singles: Chris Talbot (Ashburton)

Pairs: Colleen Fenton (South Otago), Fiona Prosser (Golden Bay-Motueka)

Triples: Janet Fenemor (Marlborough), Keri Te Tamaki (Otago), Georgia Watt (Central Otago).

Fours: Barb Reid (South Canterbury), Linda Carrick (Nelson), Joanne Hill (Canterbury), Rowena Mackenzie (Ashburton)

Reserves: Kylie Gould (Canterbury), Jenelle Lockyer (South Canterbury)

Men: Singles: Mike Johnston (Nelson)

Pairs: Ken Mackenzie (Ashburton), Warwick Gray (Southland)

Triples: Derek Cooper (South Canterbury), Greg Edwards (Golden Bay-Motueka), Nicholas Sinclair (Otago)

Fours: Blair Spicer (Canterbury), David Webb (Otago), Caleb Hope (Southland), Blair Ross (Buller)

Reserves: Steven Grant (Marlborough), Matthew Heads (Southland)

Captain: Barb Reid (South Canterbury); Manager: Michael Lawson (Ashburton)

Northern Zone:

Women: Singles: Lorraine Miedema (Thames Valley)

Pairs: Margaret Fisk (Manawatu), Colleen Riddock (North Taranaki)

Triples: Kia Ward (Northland), Viv Hudson (Horowhenua), Sue Meyer (Manawatu)

Fours: Roslyn Irwin (Waikato), Gloria Hall (Manawatu), Bronnie Reed (North Taranaki), Delwyn Hughes (Bay of Plenty)

Reserve: Peg Jones (Thames Valley)

Men: Singles: Andrew Brunton (North Taranaki)

Pairs: Derek Bowman (Counties) skip, Brian Macdonald (Counties)

Triples: Brian Hardgrave (North Taranaki), Len Spick (North Taranaki), Ian Malcolm (Counties)

Fours: Alister Wilson (North Taranaki), Ivan Phipps (North Taranaki), Kevin Barriball (North Taranaki), Billy Reinsfield (Tauranga)

Reserves: Marcel Ruedi (Northland), Bob Abraham (Tauranga)

Captain: Alister Wilson (NT); Manager: David Lynn (PB)

Southern Zone:

Women: Singles: Ann Cottrell (Otago)

Pairs: Caroline Braithwaite (Southland), Marilyn Holmes (Otago)

Triples: Jan Low (Southland), Rae Inglis (GB), Bernice Laird (Ashburton)

Fours: Kathleen Curtis (Canterbury), Kathryn Edgar (South Otago), Jean Stratford (Southland), Brenda Young (Buller)

Reserve: Evelyn Duffield (South Canterbury), Rhonda Switalla (Otago)

Men: Singles: Brian Hotton (Southland)

Pairs: Mark Sheard (Ashburton), Ron Inglis (Golden Bay-Motueka)

Triples: Mike Howard (North Otago), Allan Reid (South Canterbury), Barry Cadogan (Otago)

Fours: Graham Low (Southland), Graeme Chapman (Ashburton), Martin Nordqvist (Ashburton), Lloyd Prattley (South Canterbury)

Reserves: Allan Gibson (South Canterbury), David Anngow (Canterbury)

Captain: Marilyn Holmes (Otago), Manager: Michael Lawson (Ashburton)