Rotorua nurses are leaving because they are burned out, say local staff who are rallying for better conditions.

New Zealand Nurses Organisation Rotorua members gathered outside the corner of Lake Rd and Kuirau Park today to add their voice to the nation's district health board nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants.

Members are rallying to bring to the attention of the public their dissatisfaction about what they say is the Government's under investment into quality patient care, nurses' and midwives' pay and safe staffing.

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There are more rallies happening nationwide in the coming week.

Organisation local member Jo Tresidder said nurses were "really tired of propping up the health system".

Local nurses rally in Rotorua. Photo/Ben Fraser
Local nurses rally in Rotorua. Photo/Ben Fraser

"They're working their very hardest, often at a personal cost to their health and well-being.

"Their families notice it, but wider management and the public often don't realise the pressure on nurses and the stress they're under in an underfunded health system. This rally is one way of raising awareness about this."

She said they needed be treated as professionals and paid an increased wage to recognise the value and contribution nurses made.

"Staff are leaving the profession because they're burnt out, or they don't see things changing any time soon. It is a cost and a loss to be constantly training new staff," Tresidder said.