With the royal wedding less than a month away, two Rotorua friends have already made big plans for the special day.

On May 19 Prince Harry will marry American actress Meghan Markle at St George's Chapel, on the grounds of Windsor Castle, with a guest list of about 600 people and an expected international audience of more than a billion.

Friends Caleb Watson and Francesca Meek both have big plans for the day, even though they'll be watching the event from separate sides of the globe.

For Watson and Meek their love of the royal family started within their own.


"I've always watched documentaries with my mother and it seems to have grown from there into a full time hobby and interest," Watson said.

Watson is now a member of the executive for Monarchy New Zealand.

"Royal weddings and ceremonies are always a great occasion and are extremely interesting. Something that doesn't happen often, that's for sure.

"I think, politically, this is less of an 'important' event when compared to that of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer or Prince William and Catherine Middleton as the princes will be our future kings.

"However I think it is still a moment in history and is extremely important to the couple, of course."

Watson said he would get together with "some good food, and a nice spot in front of the TV to watch the event unfold".

Meek, who has now moved to England, will be a little bit closer to the action.

"I feel like the world has been waiting for Prince Harry to get married for a long while so I was very happy when it was announced.


"As soon as the date was announced myself, my brother James and his partner Anthony jumped at the opportunity to go."

Meek will be celebrating the day in Windsor and is hoping to get a peak at some of the guests.

"It was a mad rush to book a hotel in Windsor before the prices were hiked up.

"We'll spend the weekend taking in the ambiance and lining up to hopefully get a peak of some of the royal family and their guests.

"I've seen Prince Charles and Camilla and William and Catherine while they were in New Zealand so I would love to get a chance to see the rest of the family."