Re Mary Poppins, the adversity of not having the Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre certainly meant that the Rotorua Musical Theatre and the Rotorua Lakes Council had to think outside the square to put on this wonderful family production. Congratulations to both parties, not ideal but it works.

To all the performers, well done. I thought Ryan Christiansen certainly fulfilled the character Bert as did Melissa Nicholson as Mary Poppins and Rodney Conrad as George Banks and the enjoyment that young Harrison Roberts-Brake brought to the story.

To the Rotorua public, a recommended night out to a good feel show that is Mary Poppins. I thoroughly recommend it.



Our family was lucky enough to attend Sunday night's VIP opening of Mary Poppins. I felt I must write and congratulate the Rotorua Musical Theatre cast and crew on a fantastic show.

A last minute event change due to the closure of the Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre must have made for difficult times, but the arena spectacular that resulted from the new venue was truly awe inspiring.

Once again, Rotorua showcased the amazing talent we have in both voice and choreography, and this was highlighted by the clever set and lighting. Mary Poppins truly is a show with something for all ages, and this performance had the audience singing and clapping along at several points.

Special mention has to go to the kids, Ava and Harrison, who both did an amazing job, as well as all the other youngsters in the cast – we need to nurture and support these youths as they are the future of theatre in our city.