I don't know why some people feel the need to share and bare all these days. I'm talking about celebrities. Whether they're famous because of their sporting achievements, singing or acting success or for being super-rich, if they've got an instantly recognisable name they play it for all it's worth.

Someone should inform celebrities we're just not that into them. Not all of them anyway. But you can bet the media won't listen. They'll continue to serve up celebrity tripe in the belief it's what the public want to read and hear about.

There was a lengthy newspaper interview with Kim Dotcom's new bride last weekend. She described in detail meeting Dotcom, their romance and relationship. Wedding vows have now been swapped in front of family and friends at a small wedding service.

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I don't mind looking at wedding photos of happy newlyweds. The Dotcoms should have left it at that. But no. The new bride Elizabeth Donnelly gave a revealing interview about how the couple met, what the future holds and how she coped with the relentless public scrutiny of their relationship.

It's Dotcom who's the infamous character and the one I suspect the public probably has an interest in. I can understand him having a lot to say. He's been at it since he arrived in New Zealand. I don't mind listening to him occasionally.

We have had the official explanation, he's an alleged fraudster, money launderer, and racketeer. And the American Government wants him deported to the United States to face multiple charges. Our previous Government wanted to oblige but Dotcom wasn't going to roll over and go quietly. Anything but.

The courtroom is familiar territory to him. He's had some wins and taken some hits since he arrived and now he plans to sue our Government for millions of dollars for damages. Our previous Government despised him. He's the interesting character. I have found his journey quite incredible.

Public scrutiny can be cruel as Mrs Dotcom found out early in their relationship. Hurtful and nasty comments were directed at the couple so perhaps she felt by going public with the story of their romance this would somehow satisfy inquisitive members of the public. Those that need to know.

Hardly. Such people will always be around. They have their own narrow world view and couldn't care less if someone feels vulnerable and threatened when on the receiving end.

If it was me I would have kept everyone guessing. It's no one's business how they met and fell in love, why they decided to marry and if they plan on having children.

Sharing details fuels the imagination for some. Suddenly the smallest happening becomes a big event. Something to be critiqued. By showing the world "she's human and has feelings too", Mrs Dotcom has opened the door to the nasties to pick over the interview and pull her apart.

Her larger than life husband has enough media handling experience for both of them. You can see he enjoys a scrap.

There is a 22-year age gap between Dotcom and his young wife. He needs to step up quickly. The media can be relentless and brutal. Dotcom isn't just "a person of interest" to our Government. He's wanted by the United States Government for charges that could result in serving years in prison. Anyone associated with Dotcom will come under the spotlight.

Savvy celebrities keep their private life private. They don't let their families get eaten up and spat out by the media and public.

On the other hand suddenly being thrust into the limelight can be an exhilarating experience. Especially for a beautiful young woman like Mrs Dotcom. Could be it's time for sharing the limelight in the Dotcom family.

Merepeka Raukawa-Tait is a Rotorua district councillor, Lakes District Health Board member and chairs the North Island Whanau Ora Commissioning Agency. She writes, speaks and broadcasts to thwart political correctness.