Clean waterways and affordable housing are two of the most popular wishes for Rotorua's leaders in 2018.

Te Arawa kaumatua Sir Toby Curtis said there were a few things he would wish for but topping the list was water quality in Rotorua's lakes and rivers.

"I would like to see that the good work of the Rotorua community, and of a number of organisations, will enable our young people who like to swim in our lakes and rivers, to be able to do so without any concerns," Curtis said.

Water quality was also on the wishlist for Waiariki MP Tamati Coffey.


"I would like to see cleaner lakes and rivers, more houses and more young people involved in sport," Coffey told the Rotorua Daily Post.

"I would also like more support services for Fordlands so they don't get the title of most deprived neighbourhood in New Zealand again."

Rotorua mayor Steve Chadwick said she hoped Rotorua people would show support for the Rotorua Lakes Council's big four projects she believed would make a substantial difference to the city.

"They are support to invest in a lakefront development, support for the Whakarewarewa mountain bike and forest management plan, securing funding for our museum redevelopment and also for the upgrade to the Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre.

"Personally I'm looking to step it up in 2018. 2017 has been a hard year in terms of tangi, we've lost some real leaders from our community, and next year we need to work on the strength of our next generation."

Rotorua GP Tania Pinfold wants prosperity, or at least enough money for all – full stop.

"I would also like families to be able to provide the things their young people need to be happy, well and safe."

Rotorua MP Todd McClay wants to see the council free up land with haste to build more houses and "see NZTA spend the money they've promised on Te Ngae Rd and do some work on the Ngongotaha roundabout".

McClay said 2017 had been a busy year of economic growth in the Bay of Plenty with Rotorua having created jobs offering more local opportunity.

"In 2018 I hope we see this trend continue. We must see ongoing investment in roading and in housing and education otherwise this progress will stall.

"As announced in 2017, two new schools will open in Rotorua in February because of the growth in population. Both schools offer great choices to parents and students and are led by local people."

Rotorua Principals' Association president Briar Stewart wants harmony among people.

"I would like some neat opportunities to retrain people who have been working in a traditional industries that are becoming robotised and disappearing, industries like forestry," Stewart said.

"I would like to get our young people off their PlayStations and out of the house, knowing the existing skills they have (even PlayStation) can be used and are required within the workforce.

"Lastly I would like a great health system where people know if they go to their GP or the hospital, they will be seen and treated quickly and expertly."

Love Soup Rotorua's Gina Peiffer wants to see affordable housing built in Rotorua and the stabilisation of the rental market so everyone can afford to rent a home.

"I'd like to see a housing scheme implemented to enable low-income families to afford to buy a home.

"I would love 2018 to achieve a work environment that is not so harsh on those who want to work but have a mark against them as many homeless people want to work but all that is on offer is temporary employment.

"And finally, that Rotorua continue to be the most amazing community that we have had the pleasure to reside in."