He's laid the groundwork for a career in music and acting now Rotorua's Jordi Webber is preparing for the next step, or two.

On Friday Webber, who rose to fame with boyband Titanium, will release his second single in the hope it will garner a little love before a proposed move to the United States.

"My first single I'll Be Loving You came out just over a year ago so the second has taken a little time," he said. "But I've been busy in between."

As well as playing the part of the gold ranger in Nickelodeon's Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Webber has recently returned from his second visit to America.


He described filming with the American cast and crew of Power Rangers in Auckland as his first big gig but is confident it won't be the last.

"The plan is to release this single and further establish my music in New Zealand before I take it overseas. Then I'd like to be able to live comfortably switching between acting and music in the States."

His last trip resulted in securing an "awesome" American manager which will make things a lot easier.

"Having a manager over there opens up a lot more doors as far as auditions go. They have established networks and are already on the ground waiting to run."

Webber said his manager calls weekly to check in, something rare for an overseas manager to do.

Having had a three-year working visa granted for the United States, a move is on the cards for next year.

"But first, I'll release this single on Friday and then release the music video for it nearing the end of the month."

He describes the sound as a mixture of The Weeknd meets The 1975. "It's very retro and 80s-esque but with a current drop making it acceptable for mainstream radio.

"It's very different from a lot of the stuff produced here in New Zealand. Here we have a lot of New Zealand home-grown artists, I think I'm the only one doing retro funk."

Based in Auckland, Webber says it's always great to come home to family in Rotorua to get grounded. "A couple of days and nights and then I'm on my way again."