The combined Post Shop and Kiwibank on Tutanekai St is to become a standalone Kiwibank, the company has announced.

Kiwibank and NZ Post communications specialist Holly Thompson said the company had just completed its first piece of consultation and, as a result, NZ Post would be looking at options regarding postal services in the area, including the box lobby.

When asked about the possibility of job losses, she said those decisions would be made at a later date.

"Following the success of our standalone Kiwibank branches in Hamilton and Auckland CBD, Kiwibank is bringing this model to the Rotorua branch on Tutanekai Street. It is a model that works very well and we are looking forward to bringing it to the city.


"Having confirmed the proposed new branch model with our staff, we're now working towards creating the environment for a more specialised banking service, an innovative customer experience and a strong brand presence in Rotorua.

General manager retail distribution Geoff Waller said: "We know our customer needs are changing, and it's important we have the right environment for conversations and to keep providing our unique customer experience. We've seen great results already from our two existing Kiwibank standalone sites, and we're excited to bring this model to Rotorua."

The statement said customers and the community would be kept informed "as dates and changes are secured".