The city is blooming with colourful tulips and there are still ways to get out and celebrate the Rotorua TulipFest.

The Rotorua Museum TulipFest Activity Trail is running until October 15.

Kathy Nicholls, Rotorua Lakes Council communications and marketing co-ordinator, art and culture, says as part of TulipFest in the past Rotorua Museum has offered tulip themed crafts and Dutch/tulip themed activity trails at the museum.

She says with the museum being closed they are continuing with the free holiday tulip crafts at Te Runanga Tea House and have created the activity trail to explore the tulips in Government Gardens.


Some questions in the activity trail are about tulips in general and others are about exploring the Government Gardens to find different tulips with certain landmarks, she says.

"The gardens are looking beautiful with all the tulips blooming and with the weather improving it is a great activity to get families out and about over the holidays."

Once people have answered all the questions they can enter the draw to win a prize pack.

Ms Nicholls says the prize packs will hopefully include some flowering tulips if they are still blooming and a range of arts and crafts supplies.

Entry boxes are at Rotorua iSite and Te Runanga Tea House. All entries need to be in by Monday October 16 at 10am.

The twice daily Rotorua Museum guided tours around the the Government Gardens are being held with a tulip twist until October 8.

Ms Nicholls says as well as telling the intriguing stories of Rotorua the guides will lead visitors around some of the most beautiful tulip planting in the gardens and share the history behind the event.

There are also free school holiday drop-in craft activities today from 10am to 3pm at the Te Runanga Tea House and the Rotorua Dutch Market tomorrow.

The market is being held from 10am to 1pm at the Netherlands Society Club Rooms, Neil Hunt Park.

It will include Dutch food such as croquettes, salted herring, Dutch cheeses, cookies and sauces.

She says the council gardeners have planted tulips in Rotorua gardens for more than 16 years.

However, the idea for a Rotorua Tulip Festival came about in 2014 by the Inner City Focus Group.

"It is a great way to celebrate the end of winter and approaching summer, and get outside to enjoy the beautiful gardens we have in Rotorua."

For more information visit the Tulip Fest Rotorua Facebook page, or contact Rotorua Museum on (07) 351 8456 or emailing