A Rotoma resident who heard a crashing sound turned around to see a utility truck flipping in the air.

That truck was involved in a three-vehicle crash along State Highway 30 at 4.30pm today.

A police spokeswoman said two people had been injured in the crash, about 2km east of the service station.

The spokeswoman said a it was not known how serious the injuries were but emergency services were looking for a place for a helicopter to land as of 5.12pm. She said firefighters from Kawerau and Rotorua, St John Ambulance and police were attending.


The witness, who did not want to be identified, said she was at home with her grandchildren when she heard the crash.

"I just heard a smack," the woman said.

"As I turned around I just saw a truck flip.

"I just saw stuff flying all over the road."

The woman said four people appeared to be involved in the crash, with two in a utility truck similar to a Toyota Hilux and one each in a silver utility and a small hatchback vehicle.

"By the time I got there the lady [in the hatchback] was getting out of her car.

"I raced to the truck that had flipped and he looked like he had hit his face ... he was climbing out."

She said the woman was getting stretchered by ambulance officers but luckily no one had been killed in the crash.

This was the first time she had seen a crash outside her home in 23 years of living there and had used the incident to highlight the importance of wearing seatbelts to her grandchildren.

Police were still at the scene.