Rotorua Lakes Council is blaming "unprecedented rainfall" over recent months for a further delay in the construction of Te Manawa - the former City Focus - which nearby businesses both agree and disagree with.

Businesses in the area were delivered a notice on Thursday advising them wet weather had continued to cause delays in construction, pushing the completion date further out.

The final stage of construction started in May and was to have been completed mid-September.

"It will be later than that - we acknowledge this will be frustrating for businesses in the area but we are in the hands of the weather," council infrastructure group manager Stavros Michael was quoted on the notice as saying.


Olivia Te Kawa, manager of Special T Discounter, said the council continued to say delays were because of the weather.

She said the workers did not work weekends, when the weather was often beautiful.

It could have been completed sooner if thought was put into having the contractors work night and weekend shifts to meet a deadline, she said.

"It's the parking situation that has affected the people wanting to come in here because there's not enough carparks."

She said they had been informed weekly about what was happening.

Ms Te Kawa said some people had been tripping up because the cobbles still needed to be flattened and compacted.

Another retail manager nearby said the area was looking great and the workers were doing what they could considering the weather, which they could not control.

Mr Michael said the council regretted the ongoing inconvenience to businesses and the public caused by "unprecedented rain".

He said although there was no good time to undertake a large project like this, the council had to consider several factors.

"In this case, we had to make a decision that was fair for various groups, including that night and weekend work at Te Manawa would be noisy and disruptive for residents living in apartments near the CBD.

"Construction work would also be disruptive at the weekend given the likelihood more people would be out and about."

He said parking was a prime concern, but the top priority had to be the safety of the community.

"A lot of work still needs to be done, including rectifying trip hazardous cobblestones near the city centre."

The notice said contractors had to do a large portion of paving but needed at least two consecutive days of dry weather before they could start.

"While light rain is unlikely to affect the work, the heavy downpours we have been experiencing mean there is a risk of damaging the road foundations," Mr Michael said.

"The surface becomes waterlogged and damages the composite mixture, meaning the pavers won't adhere properly and the foundation can become unstable.

"All this means we now cannot be certain of the completion date for the project."

He said the weather forecast showed more rain for the next fortnight so it would be unlikely to be ready for the first Farmers' Market of the summer on October 1.

Instead that will be held on Tutanekai St between Pukuatua and Te Manawa from 9am to 1pm.