Local children have been experimenting with colour and crafts to help raise funds for a bike trail at their kindergarten.

The Rotorua East Kindergarten Art Auction is being held on Wednesday at the Arts Village from 5pm to 6pm.

Rotorua East Kindergarten head teacher Sarah Hewison says this is the first time they have held an art auction.

The kindergarten is fundraising for a bike trail to go in the back corner of their property.


Sarah says a lot of their children are bike riders and bike to kindergarten.

The bike trail will be undulated so the children will have a bit of a challenge there too, she says.

She says they also want to plant native trees and have sculptures of native birds, as an opportunity for environmental science.

Silent auctions have already started on art pieces and live auctions will take place on Wednesday night, where the artists will stand next to their work.

She says there are probably between 50 to 60 art pieces altogether and the children have been working on them since May.

All the children have at least one art piece and there are several big collaborative canvases, she says.

She says they have explored colour and colour mixing with mediums such as water.

"I think it's pretty amazing myself. They have been creative, and blended and created amazing colours."

The art pieces include finger painting, dropped candlewax, brush painting and weaving.

"I'm pretty excited. We are hoping the parents and other people in the community will support it."

Sarah says some of the bigger paintings will look great in an office.

"I'm very proud. We have children aged 2 to 5, and everyone has done something that has turned out amazing."

The auction has free entry and people are encouraged to, "bid on a piece that touches your creative heart-string".

Freyja Waiomio, 4, says she made a love heart for the auction using sponge and paint, mixing pink and purple together.

She likes love hearts because they show you love people, and she loves her friends and family.

She is excited for her art to be in the auction.