The Office of the Children's Commissioner recently held a blessing for an artwork, Ti Kaitiaki o nga Tamariki, by Lake Tarawera artist Brett Bosley.

The artwork depicts an adult guardian (kaitiaki) protecting and nurturing children (tamariki) in the adult's care.

This is an active responsibility emphasised by the moving waves on the adult's back.

The eighteen strands of twine signify the first eighteen years of life, which is the full extent of the jurisdiction of the Office of the Children's Commissioner.

"Brett Bosley is well known to everyone in Lake Tarawera," judge Andrew Becroft, Children's Commissioner, says.


"His reputation as an artist, particularly in metals, is growing."

"Rotorua can be proud that a local artist's work is on display prominently in the office of the Children's Commissioner. The work is right by the front door, welcoming people to the office.

"We are thrilled to have this piece in our office, which emphasises the communities' interest in our work, and the importance of ensuring New Zealand is a country where all children can thrive, flourish and prosper.

"It emphasises the breadth of our work for all children and young people from age 0 to 17 inclusive, which make up 1.12 million New Zealanders. It also demonstrates the active role for adults to responsibly grow and nurture children."

Brett Bosley says Children's Commissioner judge Andrew already had one of his art pieces and asked if he would be interested in designing an art piece which reflected what they did and identified them.

He says he just started drawing designs and as he drew more ideas started coming to him.

"I must of done about 30 drawings at least."

He says it is a humbling but proud feeling to have his art displayed in the office of the Children's Commissioner.

Brett says when he first did this art piece local iwi named it and blessed it, which was neat.

He has been an artist for 10 years. He likes being able to use his hands and the creativity of it, he says.

"I try and be as realistic and as honest as I can with my artwork."

Brett says he prefers to keep art as a hobby and his biggest buzz is going around to people's property and seeing it displayed.