The South Island indoor bowls team have concluded their tour of the North Island with a 29-19 win over Bay of Plenty at the Ngongotaha Community Hall.

In the first round of games, on Thursday night, the South Island made a good start winning the women's singles, pairs and triples and the men's triples and fours.

The men's singles was drawn and Bay of Plenty won the women's fours and men's pairs. The South Island led 11-5.

However, in the second round the games were halved with South Island winning the women's pairs and fours, and the men's singles and fours. Bay of Plenty won the women's singles and triples and the men's pairs and triples.

In the final round the South clinched the victory, winning five of the eight games.

For the South the men's fours of Hayden Warnes, Matt Markham, Giovanni Persico and Chris Moffitt were unbeaten.

The best performance for Bay of Plenty was provided by the men's pair of Derek Owen and Paul Gooch who won their three games.

During the tour the South Island team have also beaten North Wellington and Horowhenua combined, Hutt Valley, Wairarapa/Bush Ruahine, Wanganui, Manawatu, Hawke's Bay and Poverty Bay-East Coast.

They have had just one narrow loss, against Upper Hutt Valley 23-25.

The Tour concludes with the annual Inter-Island match at the Rotorua Girls High School Arena today at 10am. This is played over three sessions.


South Island 29, Bay of Plenty 19
Round 1: South Island 11, Bay of Plenty 5;
Round 2: South Island 8, Bay of Plenty 8;
Round 3: South Island 10, Bay of Plenty 6

South Island names first:
Singles: Caroline Braithwaite (SL) beat Gina Owen 13-12, 8-9, 10-6;
Pairs: Ann Graham (s) (CY), Jenny Eden (CY) beat Margurrite Gerrand, Keri Te Tamaki 8-6, 10-5, 8-10;
Triples: Alanna Preddy (s), (SO), Marilyn Holmes (OT), Carolyn Cooper (SC) Jacque Porter, Karen Te Tamaki, J-R Mills 12-8, 7-8, 7-4;
Fours: Ann Cottrell (s) (OT), Marie-Therese Hooper (CY), Kathryn Edgar (SO), Deanne Osborne (CY) beat Kristine East, Marge Taare, Merleen Orr, Elaine Howard 4-7, 9-2, 6-2.
Singles: Mike King (CY) drew Robin Porter 8-8, 12-8, 4-14;
Pairs: James Sullivan (s) (CY), Brandon Williams (OT) lost Derek Owen, Paul Gooch 6-7, 11-12, 6-13;
Triples: Michael Lawson (s) (AS), Brian Hotton (SL), Daniel Sinclair (OT) beat James Schuster, Gavin Rennie, Mike Bryant 8-5, 4-6, 10-9;
Fours: Hayden Warnes (s) (GB), Matt Markham (AS), Giovanni Persico (NN), Chris Moffitt (SO) beat Paul Guest, Simon Hatcher, Keith Wray, Matthew Farquhar 4-3, 11-2, 11-3.