If we're being honest, there can be days when you wake and don't won't to go to work - no matter how much you love your job.

But I've never heard of anyone not wanting to go to work because they are scared.

Being a victim of crime isn't nice for anyone, but repeatedly being victimised is frightening.

The owner of Rotorua's Bottle O store, Charanjit Dhillon, has been through a lot in the past week with his store being hit twice by alleged criminals.


Last Sunday it was a violent robbery and on Saturday it was a theft.

Two hours after the latest incident, he told this newspaper his "legs were still shaking" because he felt sorry for his staff.

He said they are now too scared to come work. He said the man who was the target of the violent robbery cries whenever he talks to him about it. He's so frightened, he doesn't want to come back. Others are at work but are worried every customer is a criminal.

The police have just announced a nationwide crackdown targeting people who receive and deal in stolen property.

The campaign is a response to the recent spike in the number of violent robberies occurring in some communities across New Zealand, particularly in South Auckland.

As part of the campaign, police will be running a series of targeted ads on social media and on their national and district Facebook pages encouraging people to call Crimestoppers if they have any information on stolen goods from aggravated robberies.

Police will also be offering rewards.

While it's great we are seeing extra resources thrown at this, where have these extra resources been in the past few years while we have watched crime figures increase, instead of decrease?

Our police are working pretty hard right now. Even Mr Dhillon who should be fed up with everything has high praise for the swift actions of the police. Saturday's arrest within 12 seconds must be some kind of record.

Imagine if we had police everywhere making us feel safe constantly.

I have good friends who have moved to New Zealand to escape South Africa's crime. They are here to raise their family in a safe country.

Let's all work harder to make sure we remain that way.