The sun has been making a breakthrough in Rotorua and giving locals their first taste of summer.

MetService meteorologist Claire Flynn said it looked like Rotorua would have warm temperatures for most of this week, with the temperature set to be in the early to mid-20s until Friday.

She said on Friday there would be a front crossing over the country which would bring a period of rain to Rotorua.

It looked like it would move away on Saturday, when cloud should be breaking up a bit and the rain improving.


"It's a very nice week in terms of weather for much of the country."

Ms Flynn said from Monday to Sunday last week, 33.4mm of rainfall was measured at the Rotorua Airport.

For the month of November the average rainfall in Rotorua was 96mm, and so far there had already been 102.4mm recorded, she said.

"It's certainly been wetter than average so far this month."

Niwa principal scientist Chris Brandolino said the outlook for November to January showed an expectation of warmer temperatures than average.

Mr Brandolino said that did not mean there would no be cold snaps or chilly weather, just that the three months as a whole were expected to be warmer than average.

He said the average maximum temperature for Rotorua in November was 18.6C, 20.8C in December and 22.8C in January.

A drier than normal November to January was unlikely, with about an equal chance for rainfall to be normal or above average, he said.