Rotorua Salvation Army social worker Suzy King loves her job and even though it's still the first week of the Rotorua Daily Post Christmas Appeal she has been blown away by how generous people are at this time of year.

Mrs King started her job in June, and as part of her role she sources food for the foodbank and makes sure the Sallies have enough staff on board.

She said a majority of the workers were volunteers who all worked hard to not only provide food for those in need, but also other services.

"Initially coming in for food might be that one thing they say they need, but then there might be other needs. It's great that we've got a social worker on board here, we have a budget adviser and then we also work really closely with our family store who provide furniture, whiteware and clothing.


"We try and make it a one stop shop, however if we don't have the service we just get on to our local community agencies and refer them on."

She said the need in the community was significant.

"It's pretty high, on Monday morning, in the first two hours, we had about 10 people come through, and that's just for food."

She said on a normal week around 150 people went through the foodbank looking for help.

But there were also plenty of people wanting to help out, she said.

One family took in more than $400 of Christmas presents - their kids had given up their own presents to provide for those who don't normally get gifts.

"They had a bit of a discussion and the children decided they wanted to donate their Christmas money. There are things as big as that to smaller things that all make a big difference."

She said the food donated as part of the Christmas Appeal last year tied the foodbank over until October, but she's hoping to make the food donated this year last right up until the next appeal.

Make your donations of non-perishable food at the Rotorua Daily Post office: 1143 Hinemoa St or the Salvation Army's Community Ministries, 1188 Amohia St.

You can also donate money at BNZ: The Salvation Army Rotorua, Reference: Foodbank, Acc: 02-0416-0024233-00. If any organisations, schools or individuals are organising a fundraising event, please let us know by emailing or contacting reporter Kyra Dawson on (07) 349 7477.