With voting closing at the end of next week for the Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust election, just under a quarter of eligible voters have voted so far.

Only 20.91 per cent of voters - or 9740 of 46,574 voters issued a voting document - have returned their voting document up until today.

This compares to a 20.67 per cent voter response one week out from the 2010 election, where a total of 26.21 per cent of voters responded.

Voting closes at 12 noon, Saturday November 19, and votes can still be returned by post, online or by hand.


Any elector who has not received their voting document can still make a special vote by phoning 0800 922 822 or calling at the polling booth at the Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust office (1358 Eruera St) up until 12 noon next Saturday. Ordinary votes can also be returned online or by hand to the above polling booth up to this time.

A non-binding poll is being held in conjunction with this election, when electors are able to vote on whether there should be a maximum number of terms that a trustee may serve.

Preliminary results will be available in the afternoon of next Saturday.