People putting their old paper bags out, getting their weeks mixed up and putting their bins in the wrong places are some of the "glitches and issues" experienced in the first week of Rotorua's new rubbish and recyling collection system.

As the first week neared its end, Rotorua Lakes Council trandsport and waste solutions director Stavros Michael said things were going "as expected" with "some glitches and issues to sort out".

He said the council had had about 1000 inquiries which had been referred to the waste team or the contractor. About a third of those related to missed collections, people who hadn't received bins or operational mishaps.

Other inquiries dealt with by customer centre staff had largely been people needing clarification about what to put out when and what they can and can't put in their bins.


Mr Michael said the owner-drivers doing the collections were getting used to routes and operating their trucks and there have been a few minor mechanical glitches with the trucks and people not placing their bins out properly which had meant the drivers needed to get out to move them.

"Some people have put paper rubbish bags out on their old collection days thinking their bin collections start next week and in some places people have put recycling out when this week has been rubbish only for their area."

He said some people were calling to say only one bin had been emptied - that was because different trucks picked up general rubbish and recyling at different times.

He asked for people's patience during the implementation phase.

"We've dealt with some frustrated and angry people but we've also had positive feedback from people who have called, emailed or commented on social media, thanking us for helping sort their issues and for implementing the new system," he said.

"Our contractor Smart Environmental has been involved in rolling out similar systems elsewhere and tell us that the majority of issues are ironed out after a few weeks. They have brought in experienced operators to assist with the transition and bed in our new systems."

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A few things to remember:

• Put your bins out by 7.30am to ensure you don't miss out
• Do not overfill your bins - you need to be able to close the lids
• Do not overfill your glass crate - someone has to lift it and empty it into the truck
• No glass in the yellow or red-lidded bins - this must be placed in your blue crate
• Glass only in your blue crate
• Don't fill your rubbish bins with things like dirt or heavy items
• Place your bins on the grass verge rather than the footpath so you do not obstruct pedestrians or people on mobility scooters
• If you have issues regarding lack of space for placement of bins call 0800 020 001
• If you're checking your collection details on our online map make sure you zoom in so you can see your street/road to ensure you're looking at the right zone