More than 40 locals have put their hand up to fill the six seats on the Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust.

The growth in nominations has been welcomed by the trust's incumbent chairman, Grahame Hall, after no election was needed in 2013 when only six nominations were received.

Mr Hall, who is not standing for re-election this year, said he was pleased to see the trust had a chance to be refreshed.

"I think it's great so many people are standing this year. It shows the trust is in good heart and people want to be a part of it.


"What's also good to see is there is a mix of people standing for re-election and people standing for the first time."

Mr Hall said he did not know why this year's election piqued the interest of locals but suggested it could be linked with the local elections.

"There has been a lot of unrest and with the local elections this year, perhaps that sense of needing change has been transposed on to the trust.

"At the very least it shows democracy is healthy in Rotorua and I think with the trust going so well, people want to be part of its success."

A postal and online ballot will be held with voting documents being delivered to about 46,000 electors within the Rotorua area from October 28.

Completed documents must be returned by noon on Saturday November 19 and the preliminary results will be available that afternoon.

Peter Bentley
Richard Bird
Peter Buckton
Stuart Burns
Julie Calnan
Norm Carter
Tamati Coffey
Tim Cossar
Chris Currie
Paul East
Stewart Edward
Mike France
Greg Gould
Don Hammond
Trev Hawkins
Ian Hulton
Annette Joyce
Sandra Kai Fong
Mike Keefe
Jo-Anne La Grouw
Kim Lorigan
Philip Macalister
Vijo Madappilly Jose
Julia Manktelow
Trevor Maxwell
Darren McGarvie
Raina Meha-Rangitauira
Brigitte Nelson
Jon Olphert
Geoff Palmer
Brian Pickering
Elliot Pollard
Merepeka Raukawa-Tait
Geoff Rice
Carolyn Santiago
Graeme Simpson
Robyn Skelton
Victor Storey
Charles Sturt
Lyall Thurston
Rob Vigor-Brown
Charlie Windell
Waitsu Wu
Bea Yates