The new boating bylaw for Bay of Plenty will now be introduced in 2017 instead of October 2016 as originally planned.

General Manager of Regulatory Services, Eddie Grogan said in a press statement it was always their preference to have the new bylaw operative ahead of the 2016 summer season however it was more important that they get the best bylaw they could for the community.

"Council have opted for an approach that works for our maritime community and that's to remove confusion as we head into the summer season. This means the existing bylaw will stay in place for the 2016/17 summer and the new bylaw will become operative for the 2017/18 season," he said.

Independent Commissioners were currently working their way through the 218 submissions received and had asked for further information on some of the submissions.


Mr Grogan said while it was hoped the commissioners recommendations would be presented at the council meeting in August, there was a large amount of information to process before this could occur therefore council would advise new timings once they are confirmed.

"It's important we take the time to process the information and that that we don't introduce new rules part way through the boating season," he said.

For information on the Review of the Navigation Safety Bylaw review please visit or call Shawn Baker on 0800 884 880.

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