The quality of teaching staff is significantly more important than a school's resources; class size, or management in determining the education outcomes of our children, according to a new study.

The survey found a majority, seven out of 10 Bay of Plenty and Waikato residents, believe teachers are the most important factor in ensuring a high standard of education in our schools.

The Warehouse Stationery Most Inspiring Teacher study investigated New Zealanders' perceptions of the teaching profession and their impact on the education of children.

Sixty eight per cent of respondents said that when it came to all aspects that contributed to the quality of education in our schools, the ability of a teacher was the most important.


This was followed by class size which ranked second at 13 per cent and then the management of the board of trustees at 11 per cent. Just 8 per cent felt the school facilities or the funding a school received was the most important aspect in education outcomes.

The emphasis on quality of teaching in the new research reflects the results of a landmark study by educationalist Professor John Hattie.

Hattie's report found excellence in teaching is the single most important influence on achievement and demonstrated the need to identify and encourage excellence in teachers.

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