Reporter Kyra Dawson is taking part in the Harcourt's Rotorua Dancing with the Stars which will be held in the Rotorua Energy Events Centre on Saturday August 13.

It's all about sorting out our outfits this week and there have already been a few wardrobe malfunctions.

The lovely Tracey Scott mentioned how her fabric had been turned into a dress before she was even measured and now it doesn't fit! Thankfully though her new dance shoes have arrived and they are beautiful.

Tracey was kind enough to lend me her practise shoes which has been a godsend as mine have turned out to be the wrong colour and I may have to wear hers on the night! Thank you Tracey.


My dress also arrived this week but my fashion-forward head of news Kelly Makiha told me it needed some more "bling".

So I took it to Angie Harvey at Strawberry Stitches and she assured me she could add some "bling" to jazz it up, and wow did she do a great job! It's amazing, thank you Angie.

I did not realise how much attention to detail this outfit would take. Everyone's hair and make up is all being taken care of by the lovely team at Salon St Bruno.

And it turns out we need spray tans. Thankfully Elixir Hair and Beauty have given us generous discounts, otherwise my skin may have blinded everyone.

As the night gets closer and closer we are all becoming eager to show you what we have learned - dress rehearsal on Friday will make it all feel very real!

Please don't forget we are doing this all for Hospice, a wonderful cause. If you would like to donate click here.