He's never stood for public office before, but John Rakei-Clark believes he has the skills to lead Rotorua as its next mayor.

Mr Rakei-Clark said a sense of dissatisfaction with the way the city was being run led him to stand for mayor in October's elections.

Describing himself as a businessman and entrepreneur Mr Rakei-Clark said he had seen a lot he wasn't happy with, especially with businesses suffering.

Mr Rakei-Clark, who said his main business at the moment was advertising and marketing, is a trustee on the Rotorua Cook Island Committee and has served as a trustee of the Rotorua South Pacific Trustee.


The former Silver Fern wrestler said he wanted to see change in the city.

He said he was working on policies around housing and homelessness and poverty was another problem he would be addressing.

"There is not just a housing problem, there is a housing problem and a homeless problem. We have come up with three ideas that haven't been thought of yet."

He said he would be revealing more of his strategies later.

"I've got some unique ideas."

Mr Rakei-Clark said he wanted to address problems with Rotorua's youth.

"We've let our children down."

Mr Rakei-Clark also wanted to take a hard line on drugs and introduce policies to rid Rotorua of methamphetamine (P).

"We have a tidal wave coming and it is that white stuff - P. I want that out of my town."

He said housing, drugs and poverty would be his three main focuses.

Mr Rakei-Clark also wanted to see more use of facilities such as the Rotorua International Stadium.

"Our town needs some direction."

Mr Rakei-Clark said he was born in Rotorua and while he spent two decades overseas he had returned to Rotorua to live.

He said he never considered running as a councillor and wanted the top job.

"I'm a businessman. I don't want to be a councillor. I'm used to sitting in the big seat giving directions."

Elections will be held in October by postal vote.