Rotorua's Tessa Haywood and her fiance Simon Munday were not planning on having a honeymoon after marrying next year as there were "much better things to spend the money on".

But now the couple, with Mr Munday's two sons Harry, 12, and Sam, 16, will be jetting off to LA for a "family holiday and honeymoon all rolled into one" after winning a competition
Miss Haywood didn't even know she entered.

"It took us completely by surprise, this kind of thing happens to other people - you never think it's going to happen to you. I didn't even know I had entered a competition so when
I got the phone call I was caught completely caught off guard."

The family has won flights to LA, seven nights' accommodation, seven days' care hire and three-day family passes to Disneyland Park and Disney's Adventure Park.


Just to really add to the magic, it will be the first time the two boys have ever been out of New Zealand - and just the second time for Miss Haywood, too. "This is something we would never have been able to do if it we hadn't won this prize," Miss Haywood said.

"The boys are beside themselves with excitement - it is their first overseas trip. It's really wonderful to be able to have this opportunity to holiday together as a family and celebrate our wedding."

Miss Haywood and Mr Munday have been together for 10 years. Their plan had been to marry in February next year and have a night or two at a local hotel. Now, the couple are instead talking with their travel agent and organising dates to head to 'the happiest place on earth'.

"The cost of the wedding is big enough so when it came to the honeymoon we just thought there were much better things to spend the money on. Winning this trip has been the cherry on top and we are all so excited."

Miss Haywood went into the draw for the competition when she signed up for a Warehouse Money Visa Card at The Warehouse.

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