The Budget delivered no real surprises, according to Rotorua Chamber of Commerce chief executive Darrin Walsh.

"The money has gone into health and education.

"It's good to see some money going to science and innovation. I hope to see some of that money go into the region.

"Scion leaped to make money straight away so if they don't see some of it then there's something wrong, so I would say they will see some of it.


"People expected there to be some money for social housing, which there is, but is there enough to fix the problem?

"No one likes to see homeless people on the street, but at least they are putting something aside for it and trying to erase it.

He said it was good to see the Government making it easier for small and medium enterprises."

Mr Walsh said in regards to the $94 millon being put into regional economic development it wasn't a massive amount to go around each region.

"But every little bit helps and regional businesses have been doing very well anyway so the expectation was reasonably low anyway."

New measures:

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? Science and innovation - $411 million investment in science and innovation, taking the Government's annual science investment to $1.6 billion by 2020.
? Regional economic development - $94 million for regional economic development with initiatives to unlock business opportunities and benefit regional communities.
? Budget 2016 also supports New Zealand businesses with $187 million for a SME-friendly tax package to ensure the tax system fits in with how small businesses operate not the other way around.