In what could be a short open meeting, Rotorua Lakes Council will meet tomorrow for councillors to make final decisions on changes to the district's Geothermal Safety Bylaw.

The council is also expected to sign off on decisions made at recent strategy, policy and finance, and operations and monitoring committee meetings.

Among those committee decisions are who should represent the council at the upcoming Local Government New Zealand Conference in Dunedin, the sale of residential properties owned by the council and purchased for the now defunct Victoria St Arterial roading project, how candidates' names should appear on voting forms for this year's election and the removal of the designation for the controversial Rotorua Eastern Arterial roading project.

Another important recommendation is the final report into the amalgamation of the council's Grow Rotorua council controlled organisation and its tourism promotion arm - Destination Rotorua.


The recommendation is to form one council controlled organisation - Economic Development - that would have to form a new board, including a new chief executive, which will control both organisations.

Just a handful of minor changes have been made to the Geothermal Safety Bylaw, which if passed, will come into force on May 9.

A proposed new clause concerning mandatory safety signage will be discussed along with an amendment concerning abandoned and disused wells and another amendment to clarify that the discharge of geothermal fluids is subject to the Water Services and Trade Waste Bylaw 2010.

There are also two confidential items to be discussed where the public and media will be asked to leave the council chamber.

The meeting will start at 9.30am. Agendas and other relevant material can be found at