A field of poppies is set to burst into life in the hours before Anzac Day - but people are needed to help craft the flowers.

Following on from the success of a similar initiative last year, workshops will be held in Rotorua over the next few days for people to craft poppies which will then be "planted" around the Sulphur Lake Sculpture Trail and Rotorua Arts Village area the night before Anzac Day.

Local artist Jill Walker said the poppies took about 10 minutes to make and were about the size of a breakfast plate.

Last year everyone from school children to tourists and elderly people made poppies, some as something to do while others did it to remember relatives.


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"Last year there were 700 that were placed."

Ms Walker said it was great to see people coming together to create the art, and hearing the stories shared as people created the poppies.

"There were quite a lot of men [who created the poppies]. The stories that came out were a great way of people sharing about their family's experiences of the war," she said.

Ms Walker will be at the Rotorua Library from 10am to 12pm, and 1pm to 3pm tomorrow, Thursday and Friday to help people make them.

She said the poppies were made of an easy to use, durable material which meant they could last outside and were easy to make.

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22 Apr, 2016 9:15am
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"They're designed so they can be made by anyone."

Ms Walker said the presence of the poppies complemented the sculpture trail and added another dimension.