The Rotorua Lakes Council says it is aware of "ongoing frustration being felt in the community" over noise from Lumbercube and is working with the mill to assess and resolve the situation.

In a statement posted on its website today, the council says it is continuing to receive complaints about noise coming from the mill on Vaughan Rd.

"The majority of complaints are now being received during night time, between 10pm and 7am.

"Council received 9 complaints about Lumbercube during last night [Tuesday 5 April/ Wednesday 6 April].


"Of those, 5 were received from residents in the Poet's Corner/Carroll Place area, 1 from Vaughan Road and 3 from Iles Road.

"All were received between 10pm and 7am and all 9 were found to be not excessive by noise control officers who responded."

The statement sand complainants were asked if they wanted to be informed by letter of the outcome of their complaint. None of those who complained last night requested letters, it said.

"Council is aware of ongoing frustration being felt in the community and continues to work with Lumbercube to assess and resolve the situation.

"Council and Lumbercube are awaiting the results of work being undertaken by their respective noise experts.

"The two parties agree there are many issues complicating noise analysis attached to the complaints and these now require the services of expert noise professionals to compare and work through.

"In the interim the mill is undertaking more on-site works to further reduce noise emissions, including modifications to loader exhaust systems and ongoing additional building works.

"Weather conditions, low cloud and rain, and ambient noise in the industrial and Te Ngae Rd area have been among complicating factors experienced during testing by both Council and Lumbercube.

"Noise measurement requires very sensitive equipment and the complication around that mean the act of a passing jogger, rain drops, wind or a vehicle can contaminate recordings."

Go to council's website for more information about noise and noise control.