Residents of Rotorua's eastern suburbs angry over noise created by the Lumbercube mill are looking to form a residents' society to "tackle issues affecting eastside residents on a more formal level".

A message on the Eastside Residents Action Group - Rotorua Facebook page has asked people if they would be interested in forming a residents association.

The Facebook page was set up to discuss issues surrounding noise coming from the Lumbercube mill, which has been the subject of more than 700 complaints since opening in September.

"I believe it is now time to take steps to incorporate a residents association to tackle issues affecting eastside residents on a more formal level, while simultaneously providing other options around the ability to advocate on issues as a formal group," the Facebook post stated.


"Whether or not you are currently affected, some of the issues raised on this page have the potential to affect wider eastside residents for generations to come.

"The size of the group advocating the issues with council will be one of the determining factors. A larger united group will always be more effective than a small but vocal group.

"Apathy, fear, and standing by in the hope that others will achieve results on your behalf will be potentially detrimental to a wide sector of the eastside community."

A spokesperson for the group would not confirm if one of its aims would be to begin a legal challenge against the mill or the Rotorua Lakes Council.

"There's been an excellent response to the suggestion to move forward formally and the where to next decisions will be made by that wider group once we come together in the near future," the spokesperson told the Rotorua Daily Post.

The council declined to comment on the group's plans however, deputy mayor and Lynmore resident Dave Donaldson said it was the next logical step for the group, given the amount of time the issue had dragged on.

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"It's a clear indication that the action group is getting more organised and I know they feel the weight of expectation from the community that they are now becoming the sounding board for those concerns."

Mr Donaldson said he would welcome a formal group that could better liaise with the council.

"With the Rotorua Eastern Arterial designation being lifted and upcoming enhancements to the eastern corridor along Te Ngae Rd, there are going to be a number of proposals and developments coming through in the future.

"So for me it's a great thing," he said.

Lumbercube is still testing and peer reviewing scientific noise testing results. The council has engaged its own noise testing experts and is also waiting on results.

¦ Anyone interested in contacting the group can email, or find them on Facebook.