The Lumbercube mill "will not be fully operational" over Easter weekend.

According to Rotorua Lakes Council chief operating officer Dave Foster the mill's yard on Vaughan Rd will still be open but production will shut down from tonight until Tuesday morning.

"While there appears to be compliance to industrial noise limits during the day, council does not share the same view of the mill's recently started night operations," Mr Foster said.

"We have informed Lumbercube of our assessment and are pleased there should be some respite during Easter for people affected by the noise levels. We will continue to work very hard to bring this matter to a close."


During the week council has received around 185 official noise complaints, with in excess of 60 recorded on Wednesday night.

"They may not all relate to Lumbercube and they are currently being assessed," Mr Foster said.

"Council is very aware of the level of frustration being felt in the community.

"We are actively investigating the complaints and analysing council noise level testing against the appropriate steps to bring this matter to a close."

Mr Foster said weather and background noise could complicate noise level analysis and the council would continue to monitor and respond to complaints.

An Eastside Residents Action Group Facebook page administrator - the page was set up to gauge community interest and frustration regarding noise from the mill - said it was great news for the community who would be able to get some sleep over Easter.

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"And also for users of the Redwoods."

Changes to operating hours at the mill saw a spike in noise complaints from the residents of Rotorua's east side.

From Sunday March 13, mill owners began a night shift four days a week, from Sunday through to Thursday morning, with the mill running from 6pm to 3am. Day shifts on those days run from 5am to 4pm.

Lumbercube began operation in late September when Rotorua-based Pedersen Group bought the site after the old Tachikawa mill went into receivership. Since opening, the council has received more than 700 noise complaints relating to the mill's operation and mill owners have spent about $1.5 million to try to reduce the noise.

Pedersen Group chief operating officer Gavin Hudson previously told the Rotorua Daily Post that work to reduce noise was almost complete, but a peer review of scientific testing could take one or two more weeks.

Mr Hudson said Lumbercube had no plans to operate the mill 24/7, but "the dispatch and log yard have operated 24/7 since October and will continue to do so".

Mr Hudson could not be reached for comment today.

Lumbercube noise issues:
-The mill will be shut until Tuesday morning
- A night shift at the mill began on Sunday March 13
- 185 noise complaints between March 13 and March 23
- Noise must be no louder than 50 decibels between 7am and 10pm (day)
- Noise must be no louder than 40 decibels between 10pm and 7am (night)
- Final noise testing is under way, including a scientific peer review
- More than 700 complaints have been received since September
- Mill owners have spent about $1.5 million on noise reduction
- A public meeting is due next week, details to be confirmed