The first ever Shitbox Rally NZ, which travelled through Rotorua last month, raised over $380,000 for charity.

Armed with cable ties and gaffer tape, almost all 150 participants completed the 2500km journey of the North Island over the seven-day round-trip.

The rally raised $380,000 for much needed cancer research programs with Cancer Society of New Zealand and Cancer Council Australia.

On Saturday 13th February, 75 teams gathered in Auckland dressed in their finest Smurf costumes, animal onesies and Viking robes for the first day of Shitbox Rally NZ and the first of many trials for their new dream shitboxes.

The cars, sourced by Manheim Auctions and secured by the teams the day prior at a private auction based on their fundraising totals, were worth no more than NZ$1,700 - including car registration and insurance.

The rally reached Rotorua on day four of the journey


Each and every small town along the route was overwhelmed with vibrant colour and eccentric characters in an effort to raise awareness of cancer prevention, though none were quite so overwhelmed as the superheroes themselves when they encountered a flock of 3,947 sheep blocking a mountain range pass.

The final day of Shitbox Rally NZ had teams make their way from the wet and windy eastern coastline back to the metropolis of Auckland city where the trip had began.

"The first international rally really delivered," said rally founder and director James Freeman.

"It was completely different driving and landscapes to anything we are used to in Australia. New Zealand is a place of breathtaking beauty, wonder and some of the most amazing roads in existence - even if driving a shitbox. I am thrilled with the first NZ rally and can't wait to come back," he said.

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