Getting behind Bike Wise month and encouraging road safety has been a big focus for Kids.Com. Educare Central.

The education centre manager, Jody Irwin, said they had a Bike Day on Thursday, which was planned to go from 10am to 12pm, but went till about 1.45pm because the children loved it so much. "We just really want to encourage road safety, helmets and getting out and active."

Since it is quite a big centre, they also would not have been able to attend Bikes on Trykes in the Rotorua Bike Festival, so they decided to do something of their own to allow everyone to participate, she said.

She said there was a circuit set up for the children in the car park, as well as a circuit inside with ramps, tunnels and barriers like little roadways, because they could not take them all into the car park at once. There was also bike decorating in the morning, she said.


During the week the children had been learning about stop, go and give way signs, along with the importance of helmets, she said..

"It was just really to encourage participation and support community events, and obviously have a good time."

They had 72 children participating, she said. There was support from parents and grandparents, and the teachers took turns riding bikes with the children, she said.

Four-year-old Riley Aitken said he liked following his friend Trey, going on the ramp and parking his bike.

February is Bike Wise month. Bike Wise is New Zealand's national programme of activities to promote cycling as a healthy, fun and safe way to travel.

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