The new era of gypsy is pulling into town this weekend and it's neither big or fat - but it is large.

"We are the largest travelling show in the country and what makes us different is that we not only have stalls, we have lots of entertainment and activities for people," said traveller Lee Anne Scott.

Shows and activities include a giant kaleidoscope, circus performers, pedal-powered merry-go-round, face painting, hair braiding, hoola hoop show, tropical bouncy castles and old-school sack races and tug of war.

"There are plenty of prizes to be had on the day and everyone taking part has a blast," she said.


There will be a family clown show and local performers and buskers are invited to turn up as the extravaganza has an open mic from 3pm each day.

"We do this to bring in the local community and support artists as part of our mandate," said Ms Scott.

Always popular is the fire show where various fire toys, staffs and pois are set ablaze and contorted to the thrill of a watching audience.

A Gypsy Extravaganza will bring unique market stalls including arts, crafts, herbal remedies, natural perfumes, revamped and retro clothing, and a range of silver, beaded, and ethnic jewellery. A working blacksmith is a new addition to the line-up.


* What: A Gypsy Extravaganza

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* Where: Soundshell and Village Green

* When: Tomorrow and Sunday 9am-5pm

* Cost: Free