One of Rotorua's petrol stations is getting a $400,000 revamp to help cope with its growing popularity.

Mobil Te Ngae has been closed this week as the redevelopment happens, owner Mathew Ralm said.

"It's so busy now it needs to be at the top level."

The petrol station is regularly one of the cheapest in Rotorua and is believed to be one of the cheapest petrol stations in the country.


Mr Ralm said the service station saw 150 cars an hour, making it one of the top performing Mobil stations.

Mr Ralm said while he wasn't increasing the number of pumps, the new ones would be quicker and more efficient.

The petrol station often had queues of cars waiting to fill up and Mr Ralm said they employed extra staff to direct traffic.

"It's definitely exceeded expectations ... it just keeps growing and growing."

He said closing the station while carrying out the revamp had a "massive impact".

The new station will see top-of-the-line pumps installed, two new toilets and a new cafeteria to extend the food offering. Mr Ralm said he didn't want to just be known for cheap fuel, but also for the best service.

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"Part of the reason for me to be investing is there is a lot of growth in the area, I feel safe putting my money into the station."

Mr Ralm said the station could be reopened sometime tomorrow.