Rotorua's Labour Party may owe about $9000 - but the branch says it is no indication the party is in trouble locally.

Rotorua Labour Electorate Committee chairman Haydn Marriner said while the latest financial summary for the branch showed it was about $9000 in debt, it was all internal debt and mainly due to an unpaid annual levy which was more than $7000.

Mr Marriner said there was "nothing too untoward about it".

"The debt however is not a real debt in the sense that it's all levies that are paid to the central body [that] are internal fees and the cost of which we bear every year in order to ensure that Rotorua has a voice to challenge the government."


He said they paid the Labour Party last and it was simply a case of that.

Mr Marriner said he wasn't too sure what would happen if they didn't pay the party levy.

"We've always managed to pay it."

Mr Marriner said people shouldn't have any concerns about the future viability of the party and the time to worry would be if the bill hadn't been paid for 10 years and had skyrocketed.

"We expect to try and pay it off. Whether we pay the whole amount is another [question]."

Mr Marriner said at the end of the day those involved with the committee all volunteered their time.

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"I don't believe it will be news to anyone that while National has a line of varied corporate donors and wealthy individuals writing massive cheques and fully funding all candidates, Labour is largely backed by Kiwis for Kiwis."