Four people have so far publicly put their hand up to run for mayor of Rotorua. The Rotorua Daily Post gave each candidate 100 words to tell you why they are running.

Incumbent Steve Chadwick:

I love the job.

This was reflected in my vision for Rotorua in the 2013 election - a bold plan for change involving the community.


We called it "Vision 2030". Every councillor liked it too, and voted for it. We then established councillor-led portfolios with sector steering groups in support.

Positive change requires strong leadership. I gave that, result? The support of the council executive and a majority of councillors.

The community were an essential part of the deal. Result? Rotorua is on the move.

There is still more work to do. Always is. I'm ready.

Rob Kent:

With the support of the people of Rotorua as your mayor I will put an end to rampant over-spending, experts' recommendations being ignored (Green Corridor), ratepayers' views being ignored (Long-Term Plan), and spending decisions that defy common-sense (library/health hub). You will also see proper, open, public debate by elected representatives, with decisions based solely on what is best for Rotorua. The council will concentrate on core business. The press will be free to report factual council performance not just council-written releases. You will also see elimination of unnecessary bureaucratic controls minimising rates, bringing confidence back into investment in Rotorua - and therefore jobs.

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Dr Reynold Macpherson:

The Rotorua District Residents and Ratepayers [group] endorsed me as their mayoral candidate, and will endorse others as councillor candidates, to install a new council team. Ratepayers want rates stabilised, debt retired, smarter decisions (Cycleway, City Focus, library/health hub) and wiser priorities (Community House, rural roading). As the yellow signs say; provide only legislated core services, stop unelected officials making policies, set strict budgets within revenue, invest only in crucial infrastructure, and scrap regulations that discourage investment. So, I stand for mayor with a strong team to reform council and to bring our divided community back together.

RangiMarie Bosma:

Timing is everything. We are at the end of an era of Queen Elizabeth's reign 2016. At the same time, treaty settlements are occurring. I am to honour past ancestral decisions not to sign the treaty between Maori and England's Queen. Instead, supporting past Maori Ariki Chiefs who signed Declaration of Independence 1835. This mayoralty is opportunity to replace Queen Elizabeth as the first Maori Queen for New Zealand to lead independence - a new era forward locally and nationwide. A Maori Tribal Government established here, replacing current council, whom should have been Pukeroa Oruawhata Township Council anyway ... to correct history in a justification of authority leadership return.