IT'S SOLD out elsewhere around the country and organisers of Rotorua's UB40 concert are hoping a late rush on tickets will see Rotorua follow suit.

Jacman Entertainment's director Jackie Sanders said there were still about 2000 tickets available for tonight's performance, with capacity at the Rotorua Lakefront around 6000.

Ms Sanders said she would love to see the show a success, especially as a tribute to Peter McLeod - the general manager of Events & Venues who was instrumental in bringing the concert to Rotorua before he died suddenly in November.

"This was the vision of Pete McLeod, he put a lot of effort into making this happen. We want to pull it off for Pete.


"He worked tirelessly to make sure we could bring UB40 back and worked very, very hard to make it happen. Without him we wouldn't be here and the UB40 tour wouldn't be happening."

Ms Sanders said it was an extra incentive to see the show a success.

"Pete's on tour with us in our hearts."

She said it would be great to see the Lakefront packed with people. It was important for locals to support events like UB40 so they could bring more music acts to the city, she said.

Ms Sanders said the band was excited to return to Rotorua.

"This is a really special event for us and UB40 [frontman] Ali Campbell in particular has a huge love of Rotorua and is really keen to come back and play."

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Ms Sanders said those heading along to the concert should ideally take cash to speed things up, although Eftpos would be available.

She said people could take in items like beanbags and blankets, but not gazebos.

No commercial food or alcohol would be allowed into the venue, although there were bars inside.

Lakefront Dr back to Whakaue St, including the last section of north-bound Fenton St and the Village Green section of Whakaue St, will be closed from noon to 11pm.

Police will be keeping a close eye on unaccompanied young people at the UB40 concert as well as putting alcohol checkpoints in place throughout the city.

Inspector Stu Nightingale said police response and operations would be at the event at the Lakefront, starting from mid afternoon.

The venue is fenced with a limited liquor licence, but the liquor ban outside the venue will still be in place.

"We will have a police presence around the venue and the CBD, and a particular interest around young people found unaccompanied."

Where to get tickets:
Available from the Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre in the morning.
Can be purchased online at until about 11am.
Oppies Takeaways on Fenton St has some tickets left.
Can be purchased from the gate from 1pm.

Top tips for a great concert:
* Wear a hat and sunscreen.
* Pace yourself and drink plenty of water. The venue has free water.
* Look out for your mates and whanau.
* Plan how you are getting there, ensure you have a sober driver.
* Allow time for traffic and parking if you are driving to the concert.
- Tips from

Lineup - gates open 2pm
* ManaLion 3pm to 3.30pm
* Beau Monga 3.40pm to 4.10pm
* Jason Kerrison 4.20pm to 5pm
* Herbs 5.15pm to 6pm
* Three Houses Down 6.15pm to 7pm
* Ardijah 7.15pm to 8pm
* UB40 8.30pm to 10.30pm