Rotorua hotelier Brett Marvelly says a social media appeal by his daughter Lizzie has given him hope for the return of treasured items stolen from his hotel.

Singer Lizzie Marvelly's family hotel, The Princes Gate, was allegedly targeted by a burglar on the night of January 2.

Rotorua police Inspector Stuart Nightingale confirmed a man in a photograph shared online by Ms Marvelly was wanted in connection to the crime.

"It is the offender who was also seen walking out with the property.


"We're very keen to apprehend this offender who stole some treasured possessions from the hotel," he said.

Ms Marvelly expressed her outrage on social media today, asking for help identifying a man who allegedly took a painting, two mirrors and a decorative plant stand from the boutique hotel.

"Do you know this man? He stole a bunch of stuff from my family's Princes Gate Hotel in Rotorua on Jan 2," she posted.

She said she was gutted when she found out and was keen to highlight the burglary to get the stolen property back.

"I just know that my parents put a huge amount of love and hard work into the hotel, which they've owned for nearly 30 years," she said.

She said the pot plant stand - a gift given by her father to her mother during their first year of marriage - was of particular sentimental value.

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Mr Marvelly said while the possessions weren't worth thousands of dollars they were still very special.

"We've had a lot of calls since [Lizzie] put her call out on Twitter, hopefully we can identify this guy and get our property back," he told the Rotorua Daily Post.

The painting was a period landscape, one mirror had a gilt gold edge while the second mirror had a distinctive full Maori carving around its side.

The pot plant stand was a four-legged gold, brass stand with ceramic tiles on the top.

Mr Marvelly said CCTV footage showed the man walked in and out of the hotel three times between 9.15pm and 9.45pm, each time carrying out a different piece of stolen property.

If you know the man in the photo, contact senior constable Zane Conder on (07) 348 0099 or call (0800) 555 111 anonymously.

- Additional reporting NZ Herald