When Molly Chattell blew out the candles at her birthday earlier this month, her wish was to meet Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl.

A fan since the days the band was only famous enough to warrant a 4pm slot at the Big Day Out, Mrs Chattell "put it out to the universe" that she wanted to meet the rock god after Saturday night's show.

Rotorua's Molly Chattell has a wish come true when she meets Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl.
Rotorua's Molly Chattell has a wish come true when she meets Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl.

And when they headed into a hotel bar on Saturday night that dream came true.

Decked out in a t-shirt that read "I love my husband but I also love me some Dave Grohl", the Rotorua woman and six of her friends and family spent time chatting to the band as well as getting selfies with them after the Foo Fighters turned up at the same bar.


"There was no way I was leaving without a photo. Not a chance."

She said Grohl told her he'd spotted her T-shirt across the room and that his wife had the same top. "They were really friendly. We didn't want to be all groupie and disturb them but we were drinking in the same bar for a couple of hours. It was pretty hard to be casual."

Mrs Chattell said the band members were good sports - especially when she went up and offered the group a bowl full of Mentos. The Foo Fighter's song Big Me parodies a Mentos ad campaign and led to the band being pelted by audiences throwing Mentos whenever they played the song.

"Grohl grabbed one and immediately threw it at Pat [Smear, the guitarist] and then he said to me "you just want to throw that at my face don't you, go on then, do it", I laughed and said "I'm not going to throw it at you"."

She said she couldn't have picked a better end to an amazing show.

"That's it, I'm done now. If I die today that is fine," she joked.

Mrs Chattell's brother James Morley, who was also there, said while they knew the band were staying at the hotel they were drinking at, he didn't expect them to head down to the bar for a drink. "You hope they're going to come down but you don't expect it. They came back from the concert and walked in the front door into the bar."

He said they were really friendly.


"They were just cool dudes."