While summer is the peak season for Rotorua, those in accommodation say they are busy all year round because of mountain biking.

Arista of Rotorua hotel co-owner Annemarie Gallagher is among business owners commenting on the consistency of visitors, which has a lot to do with mountain biking, she said.

"We are quite consistent. We have an average of 87 per cent occupancy and expect to get into the high 90s for the summer period. School holidays mean we get a lot of Kiwis coming through, particularly for mountain biking, which is really picking up."

Mrs Gallagher also noted more people were staying for more than one night.


"We had an awful lot of people coming through for one night, but we are now getting a lot of people staying for two or three nights minimum, which is a big change from last year."

Rotorua's tourism trends reflect national tourism trends with high numbers of Australian visitors, she said.

"Aussies will come and stay for a whole week, and spend the whole week visiting Rotorua attractions."

Regent co-owner Darryn Whitehead also commented on consistently high numbers of visitors to the region.

"The hotels' running occupancy is really good all year round. We opened more rooms over the winter period and have increased our staff by 10 per cent, but we are a small hotel," he said.

Skyline Rotorua general manager Bruce Thomasen said activities like Skyline give visitors to the region "a reason to stay longer here."