Before the election, the Rotorua Daily Post asked a cross-section of Rotorua residents who they were voting for and why. Reporter Adriana Weber caught up with them to hear their thoughts on the results.



Jefferson Riley, 36





Former long-haul truck driver now between jobs

I think the results couldn't have been better. It's good now that Kim Dotcom is out of it and John Key's running it by himself, that's even better.

So in a nutshell I'm pretty happy with how everything went. I think certainly with Dotcom, the campaign showed his true colours. To be honest, I think New Zealand politics is for New Zealanders, and there's no place for him in it. I think most New Zealanders would feel the same way. Hopefully with a National Government, the next three years will be onwards and upwards for New Zealanders. I think John Key will do well. As for the local electorate, I'm not surprised about Todd McClay winning it. That's good, too.

Name: Joy Wilkinson, 70s
Suburb: Pukehangi
Occupation: Former psychiatric nurse and breakfast chef

I'm not very pleased about the results, I'm pretty disappointed about it, actually.

Photo / File
Photo / File

I really didn't want National to get back in again, but there's nothing you can do about that. I have to say the results were rather surprising. I had a feeling Labour might've missed out, but I had no idea by just how much. I thought the margin would have been closer. I just hope that with a National Government they're not going to sell off any more of our assets and keep to their promises. I'd hate to see any more tax rises. It'd be really nice to see them give pensioners a bit of a boost, you have to live and you just can't on the pension alone. As for Todd McClay, I'm not surprised by that. While I'm a Labour voter, Todd is very popular and I can see why people like him. He's a very approachable, easy to talk to kind of man. Tamati is too, it was unfortunate that he wasn't popular enough.


Name: Teresa Pahl, 28
Suburb: Sunset
Occupation: Rest home worker/mum

I was really shocked, I was quite disappointed. It was my first time voting and when the results came in I felt like my vote didn't count for anything.

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I was really gutted. Since the election I see people posting comments on Facebook saying Labour supporters are those who haven't got a job. But I have a job but with kids it makes it difficult to juggle and Labour had some really good policies around free childcare. I guess we're just going to have to deal it, but I'd like to see the National Government do more around childcare and do more for workers. I think they should do more to help workers and give people an incentive to get off the benefit and into work. Like I could get more money from the benefit than I could working a 40-hour week, but I choose to work. Though I think a lot of people wouldn't. Higher wages would also be a good thing.

Name: Louise Perese, 48
Suburb: Hillcrest
Occupation: Community services co-ordinator

I'm happy with results. It went the way I voted and I think New Zealanders voted how they felt. It was quite an eye-opener as I don't think it was expected, not such a resounding result.

I just hope the Government takes note of the promises it made and take some of the other party's policies on board. As for Todd McClay, I'm not surprised he won it but am surprised by the margin in which he won it.