It wasn't quite home but it was close enough for Rotorua's Jennie Skulander and the hundreds of Devilskin fans who packed Reporoa's Woolshed Tavern on Friday.

The crowd was split three ways, with equal numbers of fans from Taupo, Rotorua and Reporoa, and though the mix of cow cockies, rockers and metallers might have been an unlikely one in any other arena, Devilskin were the common ground.

Support acts Alien Weaponry and Fire At Will were the perfect warm-ups and will both go far. Alien Weaponry's members would never have got into the venue had they not been supporting, yet showed an experience beyond their years. Their 30-minute set was all original work and their anthem Hypocrite had the crowd singing along.

Fire At Will equally owned the joint and could very easily have headlined. If Devilskin wanted a warmed-up crowd they got one that was sizzling.


By the time Devilskin got on stage the Woolshed was amped. Everything you may have heard of Skulander's vocals is for real - her versatility was on show for all to enjoy. Her stage presence knew no bounds and she easily flitted between belting out demanding vocals and having a laugh on stage.

A five-minute drum solo by Paul Martin was a break for the rest of the band but it simply charged up the crowd even more, and showed that drummers had talent too.

If you've not yet heard of Devilskin then make sure you check them out. This band has a big future in front of them going on the Woolshed show. They're polished, yet true to their rock genre and have personality to boot.

When: Friday, August 22
Where: Woolshed Tavern, Reporoa

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